House District 26 is unique and special with its 3 award winning school districts, one of the leading universities in the country, rich agricultural heritage, industrial opportunities and forward thinking leadership.


The opportunity to contribute to the further growth and success for District 26 as its representative to the Indiana House is exciting and challenging.  The cooperative style of government we enjoy at local and county level has served our citizens well. Incorporating that same collaborative philosophy and willingness to listen at the state level will help build on the successful tradition of District 26 as a district of choice for business and for residents. 


I look forward to putting my diverse business, government and community service background to work for the district where my roots run deep.


  • Further grow Indiana’s ability to attract industry, retain graduates of our universities and make District 26 a place of choice for both industry and individuals.

  • Find permanent solutions for funding infrastructure.

  • Repair relationships between educators and legislators in order to find practical, viable solutions to education issues. 

  • Work to reduce and eliminate drug abuse in our district and our state in order to reduce related issues of addiction, crime, child abuse and neglect and human trafficking.

  • Address the growing need for mental health services.

  • Foster a collaborative atmosphere at the State House to best serve the interests of District 26 and the state of Indiana.  Having experienced how well government works in Tippecanoe County with our 2 municipal governments and county government working together regardless of party affiliation in order to achieve the best interests of our residents, I know that this is the optimal way to govern.

     The Indiana Chamber
     National Federation of Independent Business - Indiana